Gator Bits: Soha Khan


Soha Khan, Editor


The neighborhood

… Voted number one in the USA Today 10 Best Readers’ Choice poll, WPB Green Market voted best in the country for the second year in a row. 

     … the victory is a testament to the incredible vendors and downtown, waterfront atmosphere that gives it its distinctive flavor, look and feel. (The inside scoop)

…Binks Forest Elementary students performed The Lion King on March 4th led by Directors Niki Gilberti-Wheeler, Kathy Zangen, Claudine Ashley, and Robin Peck created an ‘enjoyable live production,’ sold-out. 

Mother Nature

… (CNN) Lake Powell, the second-largest human-made reservoir in the US, has lost nearly 7% of its potential storage capacity since 1963 when Glen Canyon Dam was built.

… India’s attempt to advance its energy and economic needs will require the country to add four times the amount of power the average nuclear plant produces – every month until 2030. 

     … These short-term energy targets won’t do much to limit global warming to 1.5 Celsius (34.7 Fahrenheit) — the level beyond which scientists warn of serious climate impacts, scientists at last year’s United Nations climate conference have warned us already. (Here’s the rest)


… A Massachusetts man says he has the answer for those “singing the blues” about stratospheric gas prices. – Man touts electric unicycle as answer to high gas prices.

… “A man who tried to slither past U.S. border agents in California had 52 lizards and snakes hidden in his clothing, authorities said Tuesday.” – Border authorities find 52 reptiles hidden in man’s clothing. Nine snakes and 43 horned lizards — seized.

Agree to disagree

… Freedom of speech is not an invitation to talk over the opinions of others. Students at Georgetown Law maniacally insulted, shouted, and harassed a student for a controversial tweet during an event titled, “The Battle Over Justice Breyer’s Seat” 

     … Here’s a peek

…Something similar occurred at Yale Law School, where students, “assert a right to determine what messages are acceptable on a campus and try to deprive others within the community of their right to invite or listen to speakers of their choice.” At law schools no less! 

     … The debate

Up ahead

 … Why would a cow want to go to space? — To see the Milky Way! 🐄

      … NASA’s upcoming SPHEREx mission will be able to scan the entire sky every six months and create a map of the cosmos unlike any before. The mission will launch around April 2025, in hopes to study more of the first second after the Big Bang, how galaxies form and evolve, and molecules critical to the formation of life, like water, locked away as ice in our galaxy.