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Lorelei Kelley, Editor

Gator Bits


Rising Prices, Rising News

Gas prices are continuously on the rise, causing complaints worldwide. (Here’s Why: The rising costs are causing many to switch over to electric cars. To accommodate, more electric charging stations are being added around the country. As gas prices rise, towns add electric car charging stations | AP News


 Court Adjourned

With Stephen Breyer’s retirement (more information regarding the causes here:, a new Supreme Court justice is needed. The media has been pushing for a black woman to serve, and there are many qualified candidates. Nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is currently experiencing a lot of pressure in court, as her views are being misrepresented. More information found AP FACT CHECK: Senators misrepresent Jackson on abortion

Takeaways: Joy, tears, culture wars dominate Jackson hearing.


Sports Star Returns

Renowned quarterback Tom Brady has announced he will be receding his retirement. He plans on returning to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 2022-2023 season. Brady feels his place remains with his team, and fans are overjoyed to have him back. Tom Brady reverses retirement decision, says he’ll play at least another season


Horrific Celebrity 

The public loves watching their favorite celebrities get married, but divorce, not as much. Ye, or Kanye West, and his former wife, Kim Kardashian, are having one of the most brutal divorce trials imaginable. West is responding by ranting on social media, and occasionally even threatening Kim’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson. His actions have resulted in him being banned from performing at events such as the Grammys. More information here:


More Than A Video Game

Paramount+ is creating a new show based on one of the oldest first-person shooter games, Halo. The first two episodes were released to the press in hopes of generating interest, but the reviews do quite the opposite. The show is very basic, being a combination of many shows before it. There is nothing new added, and overall bland. For the full review: In a new streaming series, the familiar world of ‘HALO’ needs a little space


Ukrainian Animal Rescue

Amongst all the fear and chaos of which is Ukraine’s situation (more information regarding this here: there are still a few things to smile over. A lion and a wolf were reduced from Ukraine and brought to Romania. During times of war, very little thought is put into zoo animals and the thought of them being saved is one more good thing in our cruel world. Full article here: Simba the lion, wolf safely evacuated from war-torn Ukraine | AP News