Boys’ Volleyball is in Action

Boys’ Volleyball is in Action

Valentina Sanchez, Writer

The boys’ volleyball season is underway. After tryouts, the team was formed, and the boys immediately started their season.  The season moves quickly, ending nearly when school gets out.


The team has now had many practices and a couple of games. Recently they won against their biggest competition, Polo Park Middle School.


In the first set they won 25-21,   the second set they lost 17-25, but they redeemed themselves in the final set the tie breaker with a score of 15-9.


Jacob Padilla, a team member says, ¨We started off the season super excited and confident, we know this is going to be a great season for us. The team keeps getting better and better everyday.”


Congratulations Gators, we are wishing you an amazing season.