The Importance Of Friendship


Alexa Oddo, Editor

Going back to school was one of the most difficult things I had to do.  The only reason I wanted to go back was to see my best friends.  


School has always been boring when I don’t understand what I’m learning.  Sometimes I just can’t concentrate on a boring lesson.  When I have my friends around me in my classes, then I understand what I’m learning with more interest in the subject.


Finding the right friends can be difficult when coming to school.  When I first came to Wellington Landings, I knew only two people and didn’t have a class with them.  Then, I finally found the right group of people to align myself with.


Right after finding new friends, my confidence was boosted, I wanted to go to school, and I was more excited to learn.  Journalism was the class that we all had and I couldn’t wait for it to come.


Friendship can make your entire life better, and all it takes is talking to someone.  After that, life can be one smooth ride.