Golf Carts: New Rules and New Accidents

Crossing guard in front of golf cart

Crossing guard in front of golf cart

Sophia Nelson, Editor

Earlier this year, the golf cart guidelines in Wellington, Florida got changed. There were multiple meetings in public, and some in private. Recently, The mayor of Wellington (Anne Gerwig) sat down for an interview.

Changes were seen all over the town being added, such as in the small little stop signs around Wellington. The sign’s meaning was to have golf carts stop, but not many thought that was the reason, the result? Multiple signs got stolen. Mayor. Gerwig commented on this topic, ‚ÄúPlease leave the signs alone. They have a purpose.”In neighborhoods, kids(14+) May drive on roads(25mph). Kids who have a driving permit may drive on sidewalks.

Other rules that were put in place are age restrictions. Until these new guidelines were put in place kids of any age could drive a golf cart, however, kids of the age 15+ may drive on sidewalks if younger, you can not drive on the sidewalks.

There have multiple accidents in Wellington involving golf carts. In one, a golf cart flipped over because the driver was not paying attention and was on the wrong road. If all of the new guidelines are not followed, it can lead to horror on the roads.