Life As A Teenage Girl

Life As A Teenage Girl

Being a teenage girl can be hard, to say the least. To sum it up in one, it’s a lot of emotions mixed into one.


Going from a kid to a teenager is hard. When I was a kid everything was so easy, there were no real grades, no drama, not as many responsibilities, but most of all, no sense of maturity.


Maturity is hard because sometimes mentally we are more mature than we are supposed to be. This makes being a teenager hard because you are a teenager but think you like an adult.


I myself am a teenage girl and have first hand experience of what it’s like. To say the least, it’s not always easy. There is so much pressure from everyone else to be what they want you to be. 


Self confidence has a big thing to do with this. Around our age is when we start to struggle with insecurities and self doubt and it is hard to handle all of the emotions at once. 


I find myself struggling with getting my school work done on time and that creates a lot of stress. I get home and all I want to do is get in bed and go to sleep, and not do any of my school work.


This procrastination puts a lot of burden and stress on many teenagers and it is difficult to deal with and navigate.