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Room For Debate: Is The New Dress Code Better?

Room For Debate: Is The New Dress Code Better?

September 2, 2022

Recently, our school has been seeing some big changes, one of which is the dress code. This topic has resulted in a lot of debate and discussions among both students and teachers. We have gathered two people’s opinions on this topic:




Although some freedom is granted in the wearing of sweatpants, the new dress code not only limits but completely diminishes any rips in jeans, even if no skin is showing even if it is patched up underneath. I personally am not affected by this because I don’t really wear ripped jeans but other people might not like this new rule.


Also, creativity and the ability to express yourself is being cut down with the new “no graphics rule” students at WLMS can no longer wear shirts or pants with any graphics; many students find it hard to get a hold of plain T-shirts or hoodies. 


Crocs have also been excluded from the dress code, this aggravated a lot of former students who find Crocs comfortable, cool, and fun to customize with popular Jibbitz. 


“The new dress code is not fair to many students, for many different reasons,” says Katharina Jochem, an 8th grader at our school. 


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Many students will say that this new dress code is great. It has brought in a new ability to be more comfortable at school. As seen around campus the students at WLMS have been taking the sweatpant rule very seriously and love this new add-on to the dress code.


The new rule about shirts has definitely been a huge edition. For a very long time, students have had to wear collared shirts to school every day. However, this year that changed, and students are now allowed to wear any plain colored t-shirt which is a lot more comfortable.


“The new dress code has allowed me to wear a lot of clothes that I like but couldn’t wear to school before, and I love that,” says 8th grader, Alana Maroboto


Not only has the dress code changed for the better in terms of comfortability, but also fashionably. The new dress code allows students to express themselves and their styles, which is very important.

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