Book Bits: Words On Fire By Jennifer Nielsen

Book Bits: Words On Fire By Jennifer Nielsen

Alexa Oddo, Editor

Jennifer Nielsen is the author of Words On Fire who has won multiple book awards.  She is a talented writer and usually writes in the historical fiction genre.  


This book has many emotions built into it and always keeps you on the edge of your seat. Words On Fire is also thrilling to read and you will never want to put it down. 


Words On Fire is about a young girl named Audra.  During the 1800s, Audra is living her typical farm life in Lithuania.


Unfortunately, Russian Cossack soldiers have taken over her hometown, but as long as she stays in her place, all should be well.


That is until her parents are arrested and her house is set to flames.  Audra has to deal with even more setbacks while escaping setbacks now that the Cossacks have gained even more power.  


Will she be able to manage all of the horrors she may face?