School Grades

School Grades

Sophia Nelson, Editor


Most incoming sixth graders are being introduced to something new—letter grades.  


For some students, including myself, the grades control their life. By this, it means they can’t do anything when they get a bad grade. The grades create so much pressure and stress. For some, it lowers their self-worth or raises it depending on what their grades are. 


When I have a low grade in math I feel like I won’t ever be able to rise it back up. It ends up in me overworking myself trying to raise it which leads to burnout. Burnout means overworking yourself and ending up ruining your health and complete exhaustion.


Last year, my mental health was at the lowest it had been ever, I couldn’t stop checking grades, I felt worse every time I checked. At the end of each quarter, when grades came in, I couldn’t stop overthinking, feeling like I could have tried way harder even though I tried very hard.   


I don’t think that grades shouldn’t exist but there is no solution because even when some students try their hardest they still end up with bad grades.