A Talk About Mental Health

Assignments with missing due dates beside them

Assignments with missing due dates beside them

Kolee Ho, Editor

In middle school, mental health can be its own roller coaster taking unexpected turns at any moment.


Mental health is your well-being overall including emotions. Your mental health can affect various amounts of challenges in your life that you take on.


Even though each person is different, everyone has mental health and feelings.  Everyone has the right to speak out if you are ever feeling down and make sure that you’re communicating these feelings to someone whether it’s a family or a friend. 


At school, most students base their mental health on how well they’re doing academically or socially. Grades and friends won’t always make you feel the best, but it’s important to remember that not everything is always perfect and everybody makes mistakes.


Over the past year, I’ve learned that one way to succeed is by focusing on the better ahead instead of the worse behind you.