Book Bits: Quintessence By Jess Redman

Quintessence By Jess Redman

Quintessence By Jess Redman

BellaDonna Petersen, Editor

Jess Redman is an author known for her books The Miraculous and The Adventure is Now. Jess Redman is an award-winning author and all of her chapter books won A Bank Street Best Children’s Book of the year. 


Quintessence is written that will make you not wanna put it down. It has some surprising moments throughout the book. It is about Alma Lucus who at first hates the new town her parents dragged her to, Four Points.  She has no friends and she told her parents that her panic attacks had stopped even though they haven’t.


One night she can’t fall asleep so climbs out of her window onto the roof. Then she sees it falling out of the sky. A bright object almost like a star. Because it is a star. She goes to a club that turns into not a club and makes friends.


Can Alma find the elements, grow the light, and save the starling?