Succeeding In School

Succeeding In School

Alexa Oddo, Editor

School has always been a number one priority for most students.  Stress, work, tests, and more are always in the front of my mind.


Sometimes, I just need a break from studying, and then bam, a test pops up that I’m not aware of.  Even more stress pops into my mind.  Succeeding in school is important for the future and is always a weight on my shoulders.


Asking for help is the first step to succeeding.  It seems scary to ask for help, but when you open up, it’s the easiest thing ever.


The second step is to accept the help you are given.  Not everyone can accept they need help.  Sometimes I try to do everything by myself and don’t want to admit I need help.  


The last step is to relax.  It may seem that school is your whole future, but it isn’t really worth it if everything seems like a burden.  Loosening up can make all the difference with stress.


The more school stress eats students up, the worse it is.  Stressing about a math test isn’t going to make it any easier.  Studying until three a.m also won’t make it easier. Relax, take a breath and you’ll be ready to go.