Accept Your Differences


BellaDonna Petersen, Editor


Everyone has their differences, but we just need to accept them.

Everyone’s a little different in their own way. Some people get made fun of because they are different. Not everyone understands that each person in this world is unique and isn’t perfect. Everyone has their standards and some people won’t meet them but you still have to be nice to everyone.

Most importantly you have to accept your differences. You may think people don’t live up to your standards but you also have to think you may not live up to someone else’s standards. It is ok if you don’t because you are important and you have to know that. There will be people in this world that think you’re weird and don’t want to be friends with you but they missed out because you are awesome.

You may be weird but you are weird in your own way. Breathe that in and accept it because it will never ever change who you are and people like you. You have friends and they couldn’t live without you. People like you for you and try to be someone else because they are them and you can’t be just like someone else. Just be you.