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Image of a person with scribbles over head resembling insecurity

Rebeca Munoz

Image of a person with scribbles over head resembling insecurity

Often, it feels like you can be drowning in a huge pool of self-consciousness. An average person has about 60,000-80,000 thoughts per day, 80% of these are negative thoughts. By definition, self-consciousness is “the feeling of undue awareness of oneself, one’s appearance, or one’s actions.” Although the process of self-evaluation is completely normal and happens to everyone, its effects can be extremely influential on a person’s social, and emotional state.


Self-consciousness is a normal feeling; it’s a way that people socially interact, even though it might not seem like it. 


People -especially teens- want to fit in and be accepted by society and their peers. It’s normal for people to self-evaluate themselves every once in a while, it’s only a bad thing when it gets out of hand. 


 Oftentimes, our self-awareness seems unimportant. We push ourselves and our mental state aside, to clear the way for “more important things” when in reality, our mental state is in more desperate need of our attention


So what can be done to prevent or stop our lack of self-awareness from getting out of hand?


The best way to prevent and stop extreme self-awareness is to exchange those negative thoughts with good thoughts. In other words, swap self-consciousness with self-confidence.


This might not sound like the best or most effective way to diminish these negative thoughts and feelings but in most cases, it’s the only way. 


For example, when a negative thought about yourself pops into your head, you have the power to immediately shut it off by replacing it with a positive thought about yourself.


It’s also important to realize that you have dominance over the way you think and your point of view towards yourself. You can’t let bad thoughts and momentary feelings take control over you. Letting these lapses of self-awareness take control over you can completely ruin your day. So it is vital that you realize that you do have supremacy over that voice in your head and can change the way you feel about yourself.

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