Greatest Gift in Life: Friendship

Luciana and Kayla

Kayla Bobb

Luciana and Kayla

Kayla Bobb, Editor

The greatest gift life has to offer is friendship. Someone who is there for you, someone you can laugh with, and someone you consider, family. 


Luciana and Kayla met on the second day of fifth grade, on the bus. Although they weren’t in the same class, they always hung out during recess, and on the bus. Fortunately, they live in the same neighborhood, so they hung out all the time. 


When middle school hit, they went to different schools, Luciana went to Bak and Kayla went to WLMS. But, that didn’t stop them from being best friends! They hung out every weekend, baked, went to the mall, had picnics, ate Froyolicious, went to Barnes & Noble, went to the beach, and much much more! 


Luciana and Kayla have a journal where they write down stuff they did on that certain day, so they can look back on it when they’re older, and remember the fun memories! Having a best friend can have a huge impact on you and your life, even when you don’t see it coming!