Gators Respond to Start With Hello


Rebeca Munoz

Text “Gators Respond To START with Hello” with waving colored handprints.

Rebeca Muñoz, Editor

Start With Hello is an organization that motivates students to greet and say hello to someone they might not know. Some students at WLMS have contributed their “hello” encounters. Comment your  “Start With Hello” experiences in the comment section and yours might get posted on the next online issue!


Stefan Riddle-Solares-

One time when I was having a bad day at school one of my teachers said hello to me it made me feel better. It made me feel more confident and then I had a better day after that


Annabelle Clawson-

“On the first day of seventh grade, I was nervous about getting on the bus because all of my eighth-grade friends I sat next to last year had gone off to high school. However, when I stepped on I saw a familiar face. We exchanged hellos and talked about our summers. Now we are really good friends and sit next to each other every day.”


Elena Carter-

“When someone’s hello affected me was when I wasn’t having the best day In school, It was the first week and I was sitting in the gym and I was tired, most definitely didn’t want to be there. Surprisingly, someone who Is now one of my closest friends said hello to me and I said “It’s back, we started talking and now we are really close friends and I’m glad I met them”.


Grace Robins

“A couple of weeks ago, I got a grade I was not happy with on a test. I felt upset about it all day long. When I was walking in the hallway, my friend said hello and it made me feel a lot better. When someone says hello to you, your mind will think about something else and not what is bothering you. This way, you feel a little better than you felt before. “


Macy Gunsalus-

“I said hello to someone at the store when they looked a little bit lonely. I saw them and they looked familiar so I said hi, it turns out that they went to the same school as me in elementary school. Someone from my church that I know and talk to but not all the time said hi to me. He goes to this school as well as my church so I talk to him on Sundays and we see each other in the hall every day multiple times in the halls and it’s a little weird. I saw him around the last day of school and he said hi to me. It affected me because now we are best friends now even though I only see him in the halls because we don’t have any classes together, and we are not in the same grade.”


Isabella Alexander-

“When I was walking through the halls I saw this girl that looked a lot like a girl from my class last year. So I said hello to her, but when I saw her face I realized that wasn’t her. However, even though I didn’t know her, she said hello back. And that made me happy and surprised because no one ever says hi or hello anymore in middle school. Hello to me means that someone is simply greeting you, but at that moment it felt somewhat like a compliment because it made me feel good.”