Times Have Changed

Times Have Changed

Sophia Nelson, Editor

“That’s Inappropriate for your age” is a sentence that every teen and kid has heard a million times. But is it really inappropriate?

The tricky thing about growing up is that you want to express yourself but you have parents and can’t always make your own decisions it doesn’t mean you can’t but it just isn’t exactly up to you to decide to wear something that your parents don’t approve of. As well as parents and grandparents still see us as little kids and us seeing ourselves as grown-ups in a way.

When our parents and grandparents were growing up, it was very different than now; there was no internet or it was new. They were more childish in middle school and that was normal.

Another issue that played a role in the change, was covid. During Covid, we had way more time at home to be on the internet and it also impacted our mental health by being alone for so long. Covid made us mature, maybe a little more than we were ready for.

There are so many things that have changed since when our parents were growing up, no matter how old they were