Student Spotlight: Lisa Dyshuk, a Ukrainian Singer


Kayla Bobb

Lisa Dyshuk

Kayla Bobb, Editor

Lisa Dyshuk, a sixth grader here at WLMS is from Ukraine and has a love for singing. 


Q: How is life in Ukraine different from life in Florida?

A: “Ukraine is tough to learn, and it is easier to learn in Florida.”


Q: Who or what inspired you to start singing? 

A: “My dad, he says you can do anything you want, if you’d like to sing, sing!”


Q: What genre of music do you prefer singing? 

A: Pop music and jazz


Q: Where do you see yourself in the future? 

A: “I would like to be a singer and sing in Miami, or Ukraine for all of the world, I think I would be popular.” 


Q: Do you make your music or only sing covers?

A: “I only sing covers, but when I turn 13 or 14, I will write my music.” 


Q: Do you have any advice for kids who want to start singing? 

A: Practice makes perfect!