What Has Changed In The Lunch Ladies

Lunch Ladies standing together

Isabella Alexander

Lunch Ladies standing together

Isabella Alexander, Writer

Last year, at Wellington Landings Middle School, a group of lunch ladies made a viral video on Tik Tok. Many people loved the Tik Tok video, so the ladies continued to make more. After a year, what has changed? 


On November 7th, I interviewed the Lunch Ladies Squad to learn how the Tik Tok videos changed their lives. Here are the answers I received. 


Question one: Why did you agree to do the Tik Tok? Maria said that everyone enjoys it and likes to do the Tik Toks. It makes everyone happy. Jessica added “It was positive for us to do, Tik Tok was popular”


Second question: How did the Tik Tok affect you emotionally and/or financially? Cori (the lunch manager) states “ Emotionally, it made me feel happy to connect with the students. And to see us from a different view. Financially, it didn’t do much, but it did bring more kids in the cafeteria.” Then Ms. Barbra says “ Emotionally, the kids fell in love with it and I fell in love with it” 


And lastly, the third question: Has this opened up more opportunities for you? Jessica tells us “ Yes, it could open up more opportunities. We’ve been on TV promoting our Tik Tok. Maybe we could make it big.” 


After a year the Lunch Lady Squad continue to make great content that changes their relationships with students and faculty. Making others happy and serving up fabulous meals with a smile is what they do best. Their Tik Tok is called Lunch Lady Squad. Look them up the next time you’re on Tik Tok.