The Reality of Being a Gymnast

Girl doing elbow stand

BellaDonna Peterson

Girl doing elbow stand

BellaDonna Petersen, Editor

Some think that gymnastics is an easy sport and just about anyone could do it, but gymnastics is the opposite.

Gymnastics is a sport that requires strength, flexibility, and confidence. Gymnastics isn’t all flips, you have to do tons of conditioning that tests your muscles. I have to climb ropes, do floor conditioning, bar conditioning, and stall bar conditioning. It is difficult and most of the time you want to collapse on the floor when you finally finish.

Flips are a fun part of gymnastics, but sometimes they can cause injuries. I have a knee and a heel injury that requires me to wear a brace sometimes. It can hurt more times than others and can hurt even just walking a few steps.

Competitions are another part of doing gymnastics if you are on team. Depending on your level you have different requirements to compete in your routines. You have to complete a routine for bars, floor, and beam. Vault doesn’t require a routine. 

Floor you have to do more challenging and harder flight skills. Beam, you have harder skills than you do on the floor. Bars, you have to do harder skills than you do on the low bar, but you have to also do them on the high bar as well.