Hurricane Ian Recovery

Disaster from Hurricane Ian

Macey Gunsalus

Disaster from Hurricane Ian

Macey Gunsalus, Writer

Hurricane Ian was a hurricane that occurred from September 23, 2022-October 2, 2022. The hurricane affected many areas and people, but one of the main areas that it hit was Fort Myers, Florida, and it got hit pretty hard. 

Hurricane Ian was devastating to many people and families. A week or so after the hurricane hit, not a lot of progress had occurred because of the much damage that had taken place. Now, thankfully many companies have gone into Fort Myers on a mission to help with the power getting started up again, helping the families whose homes had been damaged, and more. Many workers stayed in the area away from their families for weeks to help Fort Myers get power, water, food, and just common necessities. 

Fort Myers has recovered a great amount compared to when the hurricane first hit the area. Many workers and volunteers are currently helping by rebuilding houses, giving clothing, cleaning up the roads, and retrieving all the missing things that they can find that aren’t damaged. Some people are being so generous that they are giving the families some materials like lending them a place to stay so that they have more resources, or even buying them a home in the local area. A person who lived in Fort Myers said “’We rode it out, literally. The water surged up to eight feet and by that time we were both outside the home and clinging to the roof, in the swirling water.” This shows just how bad the damages were, and how well everything can come together with teamwork.