Best Family Crafts For Thanksgiving

Cynthia Forbes, Writer

Thanksgiving is the same thing every year.  Families come together, sit at a table, say thanks, and eat. It can be dull sometimes to do the same thing every year. So one of the best things you can do is thanksgiving crafts. 


You can find many thanksgiving crafts online. But to make it easier to find them,  I’ve found easy, a little budget-friendly crafts to do.


 A lovely craft you could do is put paper over the thanksgiving table as a tablecloth. If you don’t have that much paper you could write it on a napkin or on a regular sheet of paper. After you finish eating, you could write about what you’re thankful for on the paper. When everybody is done writing, you all could present what you put on the table. 


 Another craft you could do is a thanksgiving turkey cup. Glue googly eyes on a plastic cup. When you finish that first step, you can cut a triangle out of paper to use as a beak. Place this beak below the googly eyes, like a nose. Since the cup is supposed to be a turkey, you should glue leaves on the back of the cup. Since that’s the last step, you can now put whatever you want in the cup. I recommend putting in small snacks like cereal, or little pieces of fruit.