Sportsmanship Can Be Shown In Different Ways

Two tennis players shaking hands after a match

Landon Sulistyo

Two tennis players shaking hands after a match

Landon Sulistyo, Writer

Sportsmanship is when you show kindness to other players. There are three simple ways to show sportsmanship.


One of the simplest ways to express sportsmanship is by being honest. During the Hopman Cup, Jack Sock and Lyon Hewitt were playing. Hewitt hit the ball, and the line judge mistook the ball to be out. However, Sock knew it was in, so he challenged the call. Hewitt was grateful that Sock showed honesty, even though he could’ve won the point.


Another way of showing sportsmanship is by complementing how players play or giving them a handshake after a match. When your opponent does a good shot saying “nice shot” will be very nice and it shows them that you are respectable and friendly.                    


The third way is thoughtfulness. In the Okpekpe International Road Race, a runner, Simon Cheprot was about to cross the finish line when he saw another runner collapse. He decided to help him up, instead of trying to win the race. 


Showing simple gestures such as honesty, handshake, compliment, and thoughtfulness can be taken as good sportsmanship. However, it is not easy to have good sportsmanship when you are losing.