The Arts Placed in Sports

Volleyball in grass

Visal Ly

Volleyball in grass

Visal Ly, Writer

Sports – the game played athletically, being hosted on fields, tracks, and on the gym floor. But something that people do not admire enough is the design and engineering within sports. 


A volleyball is designed to bounce and be able to pass to other plays without the ball touching the ground. What allows the volleyball to stay in the air? How could a too-stiff or a too-soft volleyball affect a game? The states, “These rougher surfaces on a volleyball have been shown to directly affect flight patterns. More specifically, the dimples can make the orientation of the volleyball a more prominent factor influencing its trajectory.” 


Out of curiosity, why are tennis balls greenish-yellow? In the past, tennis balls existed in either black or white, relying on the environment shade of the court being played on. In 1972 the ITF implemented yellow-ish-green tennis balls into the regulations of tennis, as an investigation had been conducted on these balls to be better observable to television spectators.