Some Animals Should Live in the Wild

Avery Brady, Writer

Some animals should live in the wild. It is very much dependent on the animal’s current situation. 

The panda species is struggling. So pandas are kept in reserves to save the species. They are being kept in captivity so that they can survive, not just for human pleasure. This is helping the panda species so it is the right thing to do. 

Some animals can not deal with captivity well. Carnivores are not meant to be in zoos they are built to be in the wild and free. 

The biggest zoo in Florida, Zoo Miami has over 3,000 animals, and half of those are carnivores. This includes Wolves, bears, lions, leopards, and tigers. That is only a few of the animals in the Zoo.

These animals deserve to be free.   Should we make defenseless animals suffer just for our entertainment? Or should we let animals be free and observe them from afar?

We should not let all pets run wild. They are benefiting from humans and depend on us to survive. They need us and we need them. That is when it is okay to have animals in captivity. 

Animals with a steady population and stable food sources should live their lives, be free, and not be forced to be our entertainment.