The Wellington Landings Softball Season of 2022

Lynn Spuck, Writer

Wellington Landings Middle School recently had their season of softball. The softball team was able to overcome all of the hardships they had encountered, including the three hurricane days in September. 


Meagan Knowles, a coach of the team, has said that she is proud of each and every player on the team, as they have worked hard and achieved success. She also mentions that the players always “put their best foot forward,” meaning that they always tried their best and did what they could. 


The players of the 2022 softball team were as follows: Aubrey Vital, Bailey Nixon, Brooklyn Benevides, Caroline Duncan, Clare Bartimore, Ella Bianco, Emily Bartimore, Gabby De Los Reyes, Hailey Hirsch, Jessilyn Vera, Molly Smith, Taylor King, Yhazaliyah Avila, Yanaira Andrade. This team has clearly shown they are super starrrs.