Midnights is Taylor Swift’s Best Album

Magazine dedicated to Taylor Swift

Annabelle Clawson

Magazine dedicated to Taylor Swift

Annabelle Clawson, Writer

Taylor Swift gives us a glimpse into her mind in her newest album, Midnights, which is by far her best work.

Midnights is a beautiful compilation of 13 songs, with an additional seven tracks on the 3:00 A.M. Edition, that tackle themes of love, regret, longing, and sweet revenge. However, unlike most albums we’ve seen by Swift, I feel that the most heartbreaking lines are from the tracks about self-loathing and such- not a heartbreak for once. This was refreshing because I’m pretty tired of hearing the same breakup songs by now.

In an interview with Pitchfork, Taylor reveals that the songs are a “collection of sleepless nights” written all throughout her years of creating music. This explains the interesting contrast in the songs’ sounds and moods that give this album its true wow factor.

The whole album’s overall vibe truly enchanted me. Midnights is undoubtedly Taylor Swift’s greatest album yet, and I can’t wait to see her improve even more throughout the years.