Students Should Be Able To Take Breaks During School

Flowers next to a clock

Katharina Jochem

Flowers next to a clock

Katharina Jochem, Writer

Schools providing “break time” for students is beneficial. 

School throughout the years gets very rough, especially for some students who are already struggling. 

“Nearly 1 million teenagers stop going to school every year.” “Nick Dunn, 16, hates school and is teetering on the edge of dropping out.”

Providing additional breaks for students will allow them to not be so stressed with their overloaded homework. Lots of students drop out of school because of how stressful it gets. Dropping out of school affects the rest of your life. 

Some people consider this a “lost generation.” But if schools would actually focus more on students’ mental health, there would be a lot more successful people. 

For schools to show that they care about the students, “break time” should be allowed. 

Less student dropouts would happen and overall it benefits everyone.