Expressing Gratitude

Food, water, and book on table outside

Kayla Bobb

Food, water, and book on table outside

Kayla Bobb, Editor

Gratitude, according to the Oxford dictionary, is the quality of being thankful. Being thankful for everything, small or big, can make significant changes. 

Being grateful for the small things in life can make you love life even more. The more you are grateful, the more you will see the good things in life. Expressing gratitude has many benefits, including improving sleep quality, feelings of happiness, reducing stress, keeping you in the present, and much more. There are many things you should be grateful for: friends, families, a home, water, education, food, clothes, and even specific things, such as candles, books, your favorite show, and other things that bring you joy.

Ways you can express gratitude are writing things you are grateful for every day, telling someone how much you appreciate them, complimenting someone, and living in the moment.