The Successes of The Lion King

Picture of The Lion King movie preview

Landon Sulistyo

Picture of The Lion King movie preview

Landon Sulistyo, Writer

The Lion King movie is a very successful movie that has earned a lot of attention and awards.


The Lion King was released in the United States on June 15th, 1994 with international release followed shortly after, on July 2nd, 1994.


The Lion King movie earned roughly $1.6 million on its opening weekend, and worldwide gross earnings of $763 million, which makes it the highest-earning movie in 1994, and the second highest gross earning movie of all time, just behind Jurrasic Park. 


The Lion King was very successful when it was on Broadway. After performing the show 9,812 times for 25 years, the Lion King earned $1 billion dollars.


The Lion King movie received two Academy Awards for the best music.  The movie also received the Golden Gold Reward for best motion picture, also won the Kids’ Choice Award for being a favorite movie, an Annie Award for the best animated features, and a Satellite Award for the best youth DVD.