Climate Change is Affecting Humans Rapidly


Alexa Oddo

Picture of sky covered in clouds

Alexa Oddo, Editor

Throughout the years, humans have become more careless with how they treat the world.  People mistreat Earth with tons of harmful things.


With littering, pollution of air, water pollution, oil spills, and more. Earth is deteriorating and will keep deteriorating.  Using fossil fuels also has a major impact. 


Ice is melting in many cold countries causing sea levels to rise.  Sea levels rising can cause multiple states to submerge underwater, including Florida.


Ways to prevent climate change are saving energy at home, using vehicles that require gas less, taking shorter showers, and using renewable energy sources.  


In New York, there is a climate change clock, and every year that decreases every year we are closer to our world diminishing.  Of course, when the clock strikes zero Earth won’t explode, but instead, humans will have a lesser chance of saving our planet.


Scientists say we have 8 years left before things become even more serious.  By doing the items listed above, our world will slowly become better and reconnect as one.