100-Year-Old Predictions for 2023 Have Gone Viral

Drawing of 2023

Annabelle Clawson

Drawing of 2023

Annabelle Clawson, Writer

With the new year now upon us, photos of 1923 newspapers containing predictions for 2023 have recently gone viral on Twitter. Here’s some of what century-old scientists, doctors, and journalists forecasted for our present.


Smartphones, digital newspapers, fast and high-flying airplanes, and even wireless appliances were all accurately predicted. However, some scientists even anticipated that all humans would contain telepathic superpowers! It was also said that advances in electricity would lead to everyone only having to work four hours per week.


The forecast for beauty trends included men curling their hair, women shaving their heads, and everyone blackening their teeth! It was also predicted numerous times that everyone in the world would be so gorgeous that beauty competitions would no longer exist.


Doctors were both right and wrong when it came to our health in 2023. Their theory of polio diminishing was correct, however, the end of all cancers was unfortunately false. Additionally, crazily enough, the predicted average human lifespan ranged from 100 to 300 years old. Obviously much different from reality, which is around 76 years old in the U.S.