Communism: A Defective Outlook


Rebeca Munoz

This is the symbol for communism, it is often put in the upper left-hand corner of flags to represent communism.

Rebeca Muñoz, Editor

China, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, and Laos all have something in common, they are all communist countries. Communism has been rejected and looked down upon by most of American society. It is seen as a political structure that is ineffective and profitless, sadly this is a massive understatement.

By definition, communism is the farthest left political ideology that there is. Essentially, communism is a utopia ruled by the people, where everyone is treated equally. This idea has unfortunately evolved into the monstrous communism we see in our world today.

It is easy for rich and powerful people or groups of people to take over communist countries and ruin what communism was supposed to be in the first place. This turns it into a dictatorship. Instead of everyone being of equal social class, everyone is forced to be in severe poverty while a certain tyrannic ruler lives luxuriously.

For example, in countries like China and Cuba, certain brands including Coca-Cola and Nike are banned. Citizens also have food rations, so even if you have the money, it is nearly impossible to find essential groceries like meat products and fruit in stores. It is also extremely difficult to find simple yet essential things like toiletries and other hygiene products. On top of that, most Cuban citizens are unable to have working air conditioning during the day. 

These countries also lack freedom of speech, a basic right that most Americans take for granted. In most communist countries, citizens are not entitled to their own opinion. Instead, they are forced to agree with the government’s ideals and regulations. Speaking up or not following rules in these communist countries can lead to severe consequences.

Although this political perspective has good intentions, there are bad people in the world, and something like this is bound to not last peacefully.