Is The ‘Mona Lisa’ Worth The Wait?

The Mona Lisa

Angela Crespo

The Mona Lisa

Angela Crespo, Writer

The Mona Lisa is the most visited painting in the world, but why? Yes, it may be a very impressive painting for its time, but what makes it better than other breathtaking art pieces?

The ‘Mona Lisa’ is on display in the Louvre Museum and at the display, there is an extremely long line just to take a photo with hundreds of others who would like to take a photo with the painting as well. Getting pushed and shoved just to get the right angle to publish the photo on social media that already exists.

 The wait takes about three hours, including getting into the museum. Instead of waiting in line and wasting precious time on one piece of artwork, people should take the time to view many of the other astounding art pieces the Louvre Museum has to offer.