Disney’s Company Celebrates Its 100th Birthday in 2023

Isabella Zayas, Writer

Disneyland is known for its entertainment, rides, food, and great experiences. Disney is in Orlando, Florida, and has been open for around 50 years; but the company has been running a lot longer.


For their 100th anniversary, they are planning on adding new decor and more shows to the Walt Disneyland Resort. New attractions are being opened and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway will proceed as a dark ride on January 27. The “Magic Happens” parade will occur on February 24. The parade is having new editions of characters including movies “Moana” and “Frozen 2”.


It’s important to buy tickets to the parks ahead of time because it’s going to be filled with people that are going to see the new attractions that are being added. Disney is not only great for little ones but older kids also enjoy an experience that will allow them to imagine what it’s like to be a kid again.