Micheal Jordan Donates $10 Million to Make-A-Wish Celebrating 60th Birthday

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Kayla Bobb

Make-A-Wish logo

Kayla Bobb, Editor

Michael Jordan celebrates 60th birthday by making a record-breaking $10 million donation to Make-A-Wish America. 


“Witnessing their strength and resilience during such a tough time in their lives has truly been an inspiration. I can’t think of a better birthday gift than seeing others join me in supporting Make-A-Wish so that every child can experience the magic of having their wish come true.”


Jordan using his birthday as an opportunity to make history shows true character and his dedication to Make-A-Wish. 


Jordan is hoping to inspire others to support Make-A-Wish. “For the past 34 years, it’s been an honor to partner with Make-A-Wish and help bring a smile and happiness to so many kids,” Jordan states.