Three Odd Florida Laws

A ocean sunset with a small wave in the water

Eva Boone

A ocean sunset with a small wave in the water

Eva Boone, Writer

All over the United States, there are various weird or crazy laws. In fact, our very own state of Florida has a few.


One thing Florida is known for is its alligator population, but there’s actually some laws regarding our beloved gators. One law states that if you have an alligator, elephant, or goat tied to a parking meter, you must still pay the fee. Elephants, goats, and gators aren’t the most customary modes of transportation, but maybe they’re more common than you think.


Another Florida law says it’s illegal to fall asleep under a hair dryer in a salon. Consequences may include the person who fell asleep being fined, or, in some cases, the owner of the salon being fined. It’s probably a good idea to be well-rested before getting your hair done.


One more weird Florida law is that it’s illegal for unmarried women to go parachuting on Sundays. Women who do may be fined, arrested, or jailed. 


Every action has a consequence, even if it is really odd.