Rihanna’s Performance Was Not Credited Enough

Someone watching Rihannas Super Bowl halftime performance.

Angela Crespo

Someone watching Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime performance.

Angela Crespo, Writer

After seven years of missing Rihanna, she finally comes back with great news. 


Many people say that it wasn’t the best time nor event to announce her pregnancy. Some also say that it wasn’t the best place to return after seven years. I say otherwise. 


I think it was the best place and time. Since the Super Bowl was something to be looked forward to by most Americans and being watched by more than half the country, I think she made a good decision to announce her pregnancy to everyone watching. 


I personally think she did an amazing job. Being pregnant and 60 feet in the air while singing and occasionally dancing was impressive in her state. After being silent for seven years and coming back like this was the best way to return and to get her news around.