Patrick Mahomes Faked An Injury In The Super Bowl

American football on countertop

Macey Gunsalus

American football on countertop

Macey Gunsalus, Writer

Patrick Mahomes is a very famous football player that is currently playing for The Kansas City Chiefs. As many know The Chiefs made it to the Super Bowl going against the Eagles. People think that the reason that the Chiefs won was that Patrick Mahomes is thought to have faked an injury. 


Previously to the Super Bowl, Mahomes injured his ankle during one of his games. He recovered as quickly as possible so that he could make an appearance in the Super Bowl. When he was on the field he played amazingly until the second quarter when he tackled the Eagles linebacker, receiving a high ankle sprain on his right ankle. Though he looked like he was in a sufficient amount of pain on the field, many football watchers do not believe that is enough to truly show that he was hurt. 


When the injury first occurred, he was helped off of the field by his coach and a couple of nurses and was taken to the stands waiting for the quarter to end. Once halftime occurred, he went into the locker room with the nurses and right after halftime was over he went right back on the field, playing perfectly.