Moon Gardens: The New Best Type of Garden


Grace Robbins

A pink and white flower blooming in a garden

Grace Robbins, Writer

Moon gardens are gardens that are meant to be enjoyed at night. What makes them so special?


Moon gardens are not like your average garden. They are meant to be enjoyed at night time. By the time you finish homework or household activities, it is too dark to see the garden that you worked so hard to plant. In order to see regular gardens at night, you have to flood your yard with artificial light. This is not the best way to calmingly and relaxingly see a garden. 


First of all, a moon garden should include sliver or white flowers that bloom in the moonlight. Silver and white flowers stand out and seem to glow in the moonlight. 


Secondly, plants that have fragrance are a great addition to a moon garden. Plants with fragrance are known to have a calming effect on the nerves, therefore reducing stress. This is why scented plants add to the serenity of a moon garden. 


Lastly, an optional small water fountain or water effect is a wonderful way to finish off your garden. Water has been shown to have calming properties. This makes water marvelous and perfect for creating a tranquil garden.