Electives Should not be Counted as Grades

A photto of all As and one C

A photto of all A’s and one C

Isabella Zayas, Writer

Electives in middle school are supposed to be fun and easy. But sometimes they could be the only class you have a failing grade.


Electives like gym, computers, band, art, dance, and chorus. can mostly be easy A’s if you pay attention. Other classes like journalism, speech and debate, tv production, and extra reading or math classes can be harder. There are assignments in most classes, but if you are not working productively you might have to do more work at home, plus homework from previous classes.


If electives did not have grades, or just didn’t occur a lot more people could get better grades. Electives should be based on participation grades, not on the percentage you get on assignments. Also, kids would have more homework time and be able to do more stuff outside of school. Electives add an additional two hours to classes.