Three recent missing assignments due to procrastination

Kolee Ho

Three recent missing assignments due to procrastination

Kolee Ho, Editor

Procrastination: the action of delaying or postponing something. This is a problem many students deal with today.


When students procrastinate, they hold back assignments, homework, or projects until the last minute. The phrase, “I’ll do it later,” is a sign of procrastination and it’ll come to the point where you’re faced with multiple tasks due the next day. 


For example, a project might be due in two months. Knowing you have as much time as you need, many students wait for the last week or day to complete it. You might get the job done, but after a while of procrastination, you’ll end up with a tower of assignments.


Assignments that are due at midnight are harder to finish. Students find themselves struggling to start the work at 11:30 knowing that it is due in just thirty minutes. Reading Plus is a big hotspot of procrastination in our school. Sunday at 11:59 is the last time you can complete it before receiving a zero in the grade book. Some students however don’t even start before the weekend even though they have the whole week. 


It’s hard to stop procrastination especially when you know you could be doing something more engaging than homework or a project. When I get home from school it feels like I could be doing anything other than homework, which leads me to finish all my assignments later than usual. 


It is not easy to finish everything at once, but it is not a healthy habit to hold it all back until the last minute.