Teacher Spotlight: Mrs.Samarel


Our SuperStaRRR Mrs.Samarel

Katharina Jochem, Writer

Q: What do you consider your greatest “teacher trait or skill?”

A: My love of history and getting students interested in history through the use of activities and songs.


Q: What’s something you remember from when you were in school ( k-12)?

A:  I remember all my excellent teachers, especially my middle school history teacher,  who really instilled a great love of history in me.  


Q: So far, what is your favorite memory you’ve made teaching? 

A: The fun moments I have had with my students, from a class getting really into a history song and listening to it over and over again or building marshmallow pyramids.  Interactions with students are always memorable.  


Q: We know what you do here, but what is your life like outside of school?

A:  I love to spend time with my family.  We love going to Disney together.  My favorite hobby is reading and my goal is to read 100 books again this year.