Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Schloth

Our SuperSTARRR teacher Mrs. Scholth

Katharina Jochem

Our SuperSTARRR teacher Mrs. Scholth

Carter Stone, Writer

Q: What do you consider your greatest “teacher trait or skill?”

A: I think I’m mastering the skill of patience. My traits would be compassion, listening and adapting to change. 


Q: What’s something you remember from when you were in school (k-12)?

A: I enjoyed school. I think high school was probably the best. I was a member of the student government. I swam for the high school swim team and made the All-Conference Central Florida team as a freshman. I was in the band. I traveled with the football team as a statistician. I was always on the go. It was good preparation for college and life.


Q: So far, what is your favorite memory you’ve made teaching? 

A: This is a tough question. I think knowing that I’ve made a difference in our future generation will be the best memory that I make in my teaching career.


Q: We know what you do here, but what is your life like outside of school?

I’m a mother and most of my students know my daughters. They are my world outside of school. We are constantly on the go with sporting events and as a family, we take time to travel around the country to see new places during school breaks. We recently visited the Grand Canyon.