Farewell to the Simpsons Ride


Alexa Oddo

Entrance to Universal Studios

Alexa, Editor

At Universal Studios, The Simpsons Ride took over Back to the Future in 2008.  However, due to usage rights, Universal Studios is no longer allowed to carry The Simpsons Ride anymore.  


Disney bought all rights to The Simpsons back in 2017 which is now forcing Universal to remove the ride when their contract ends.  This reportedly will happen in 2028.  


The main entrance is through Krusty the clown’s mouth, but has been recently closed, and now the ride has an alternate entrance.  


The ride is about being the first, along with the Simpsons, to ride the new rollercoaster at Krustyland.  However infamous villain Sideshow Bob has other plans.  He takes over the ride and starts aiming for the Simpsons, specifically Bart. With the riders in the way he also takes them on a thrilling 3D motion ride.