A teacher siting down with a student at a table

Valentina Sanchez

A teacher siting down with a student at a table

We Should Have Four Day School Weeks

March 9, 2023


School is tiring, and that’s a fact. Not only for students, but for teachers too. So why not take off one day in the school week.


I can say confidently that for many teens school is a high stressor. Getting one day off a week would help students catch up with school work, and their mental health. 

How This Time Could Be Spent

The weekend is supposed to be a time that students get to hang out with friends and family, but unfortunately most of the time is spent stressing about upcoming assignments and making sure their grades are good.


Not only would this be beneficial for students, but also for teachers. We can talk all day long about how much stress school is for students at such a young age, but the people who are experiencing even more stress are teachers.

Why We Should Get This Day Off

The day off would help teachers catch up on lesson planning and updating grades. Not to mention the day off would really help with relaxing, which everyone deserves but doesn’t always get.


With the amount that students are pushed to their hardest abilities by teacher and parents they should have a day just to themselves. Whether it is spent doing homework or just relaxing, being able to be in an environment where they feel more comfortable, like their home, would be very beneficial. 

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