What’s Going On Between Russia and Ukraine?


Jernej Furman

Picture of Ukraine’s flag with Russia’s flag crossed together on black screen

Alexa Oddo, Editor

Over a year ago, the horrors began. With families fleeing the dangers, nowhere to go, children no longer able to learn in a school and being crumbled in their very own homes. Russia invaded Ukraine, but this started a few years earlier.


Back in 2014, Russia and Ukraine had a riot in Kyiv which led to the deaths of 108 protestors and 13 police officers.  This started the conflict which led to what is called the Russo-Ukrainian War.  


The reason the war escalated into invasion was economic ties were severed and multiple bilateral agreements ended which left Russia upset with Ukraine.  In 1991, Ukraine declared freedom from Russia and their communism, which makes it weird for Russia to wait so many years to reconquer them.


According to i24 News, HIMARS-guided rocket launchers were used.  They are used for attacking stationary targets such as infrastructures.  Grenades, tanks, missiles, rocket launchers and more were also used.  Over 8,000 have lost their lives.  Over 38,000 buildings, 2,179 schools and 1,250 medical buildings were destroyed by Russia.


World leaders are trying to help those in Ukraine fight against Russia. “We might be separated by half an earth but Australia stands with Ukraine,” says Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia.  “We’re all brokenhearted by what is happening. Everyday we’re shocked by the sheer inhumanity,” de Croo states. “Homes and hospitals being destroyed. Families torn apart. Grandparents not knowing if their grandchildren are still alive. From the first hour, the first day, people in Belgium have opened their hearts and their homes for families on the run.” Alexander de Croo, prime minister of Belgium says.  Both quotes are from news source Global Citizen.


Staying in Ukraine is no longer safe for any citizens.  They are under attack daily and who’s to say their homes aren’t next.  However, very few are able to flee due to space in shelters.  It is almost impossible to fit all Ukrainians in safe countries, since other countries are also going through communist rulers.  This situation is different however, since President Zelensky isn’t a communist leader, but President Putin is a communist leader trying to take over Ukraine once and for all.


With support from all those around the world, all those still living in Ukraine can be helped.  By simply donating money, useful human resources, housing Ukrainians, protesting in your city, volunteering or helping professionally, or hiring Ukrainians for open jobs, a huge difference can be made.  This can help them flee Ukraine or get them back on their feet after they have just fled.