Is TikTok Promoting Unrealistic Beauty Standards?


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Logo for the app, TikTok, that is promoting unrealistic beauty standards

Valentina Sanchez, Editor

For years we have seen social media apps come out with some crazy filters, but has TikTok taken it too far?


TikTok has recently added a new face-changing, AI generated filter that has people talking. The filter ¨Bold Glamour¨, gives users what looks like a completely new face with very heavy makeup, intense bone structure, and enhanced facial features.


As many people are shocked and in disbelief that this filter is real, a lot of people have been describing it as “Scary” due to how realistic the filter looks, while at the same time their faces look completely different.


Some may think that it is just a filter however this goes much farther than it being just a filter. The filter gives users a new idea on what they think they should look like with many people saying, ¨I need to learn how to do my makeup so that I can look like this¨.


The problem is that it’s much more than just makeup. The filter thins out your nose, raises your cheekbones and makes them look more sculpted, as well as gives the illusion of lip injections.


As much as filters may be fun to use, it’s filters like this that cause people to compare themselves, be something they are not, or even go as far as to change themselves. 


All these filters are doing is setting up completely unrealistic beauty expectations for users. 


The reality is that these filters are just going to continue to get more and more popular, whether it’s by people bashing them, or people loving them, the amount of harm they cause is going to stay the same. 


Something needs to change to keep these filters off of all social media apps, especially apps with young kids.