Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Shields


Lisa Shields LA and Journalism teacher

Stefan Riddle-Solares, Writer

Question one: What do you consider your greatest “teacher trait or skill?”

A: I love being able to make information relevant to kids; I have the ability to make difficult information understandable to anyone. My ultimate goal is for my students to be critical thinkers.


Question two: What’s something you remember from when you were in school ( k-12)?

A: I remember my 3rd-grade class was called “Animal Kingdom” and we were basically a zoo. We had terrariums full of snakes, lizards, hamsters, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, you name it. Our science teacher, Ms. Kurth, was an animal lover & expert. We had blacklights (where the room turns purple), and our “pod” was never quiet because of the animals. It was awesome! I saw Ms. Kurth when I was an adult and thanked her for such a cool classroom.


Question three: So far, what is your favorite memory you’ve made teaching?

A: Sometimes as a teacher I have to get into character for what I am teaching. There are times when I have to tape the paper to myself to emphasize a point or gallop around the room like I’m riding a horse. I’m okay doing off-the-wall things to help kids remember something.

Question four: We know what you do here, but what is your life like outside of school?

A: I LOVE to travel, so likely you’ll find me somewhere else in the world. When I’m in school I do a lot of local trips to uncover more of Florida. Spending time with my family is a major priority.