Teacher Spotlight; Ms. Foster

Ms. Foster

Ms. Foster

Natalia Hernandez, Writer

Question one: What do you consider your greatest “teacher trait or skill?”

A: My greatest skill as a teacher is my patience. I strive to be empathetic toward the needs of all of my learners; I hope that my students feel they can come to me with any problem or concern and that I will listen, judgment-free, with patience and understanding.

Question two: What’s something you remember from when you were in school ( k-12)?

A: I remember the difference a select few teachers made in my high school career. I was not a motivated student and believed I would never graduate high school, let alone go to college. I slept in class, didn’t turn in assignments, and never studied. I had an amazing English teacher and a Government teacher who took the time to understand me and the hardships I was going through. Because of their guidance, I was able to graduate and attend college. I graduated with my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization in Autism Spectrum Disorders in May! I wouldn’t be here today without their help.

Question three: So far, what is your favorite memory you’ve made teaching? 

A: My students are currently reading their first-ever chapter book in my ELA class. The highlight of my teaching career (and favorite memory) has been their excitement over reading. I love delivering cliffhangers –but nothing beats their begging for us to continue reading the next chapter together as a class.

Question four: We know what you do here, but what is your life like outside of school?

A: Aside from being a full-time graduate student, I am very passionate about cooking and playing video games. I love creative writing, and listening to audiobooks at the pool as well. I also volunteer to play handbells with adults with disabilities. I’m very passionate about weightlifting and try to reach new “PRs” (personal records) whenever I can!